Chris Pytlik’s Biography

As a young boy growing up in Mississippi, Chris helped his grandfather cut trees for firewood. During that time he developed a love for the natural beauty of wood. He was especially intrigued by its infinite variety of grains and patterns.

Chris was born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1965. When he was 17 he apprenticed with his uncle who was in the painting business. There, he learned staining and finishing. He also learned faux painting, including marbling, and wood graining as well as how to tint stains and glazes.

In 2002 he was introduced to wood turning and became fascinated with its form and technique and set out to learn the art.

His painting background helped him in the creative process as he started to experiment with colors in his work.

This enabled him to be more creative and develop his own signature style. This style can best be described as Transformative Glazed Wood, and has been gaining widening acceptance by discriminating art galleries and collectors.

Chris’ inspiration comes from nature, music, art, and history, each of which he has a fascination with. He strives to capture and interpret his visions of these in his work.

In 2010 he started using resin in his work. This enables him to add more magic to his art. Many of these new pieces are resin mixed with mica powders, dyes, pigments and are solid cast and turned, hollowed on the lathe and polished to resemble glass.

His latest work is a wood and resin hybrid. With over 50 different mica powder colors, the varieties that can be achieved are endless. He is also using a polyester resin wood finish that is superior to any of the lacquers he used in the past.

Chris lives in Sandy, Utah, with his wife Alison and three children Tyler, Emily, and Joshua.